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It's These Little Things...

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More than four months ago, I underwent a planned spinal fusion surgery. I am still trying to recover, and dealing with unexplainable complications that have severely affected my physical health and lifestyle. I continue to remain as optimistic as I can be, and am grateful to be alive. It has been a frustrating journey that has exposed many inexcusable flaws in our medical system in this country. I continue to search for answers and specialists who will be able to diagnose and correct the problems. I am appreciative of everyone's continued love and support.

However, this weekend I reached a wonderful milestone. For three nights in a row, the experience of getting into bed and laying down was painfree. I take this as a good sign of things to come! It truly is these little things... Living with such orthopedic pain is difficult to describe to others, it just becomes a part of your normal. It's been disheartening to have gone through such a major surgery/complications and to be still dealing with the same and increased levels of pain for these months in addition to the new complications. So, I take great comfort in reaching this milestone and am grateful this evening for this particular little thing...


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