Opening Ceremonies are Tomorrow!

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We’ve had quite the eventful week, actually, day in Christchurch, New Zealand. It all started with a 5.1 earthquake that woke us from our sleep this morning. We’ve actually had something like 7 quakes/aftershocks since 5pm yesterday (Sidenote: I really should have paid more attention in geology class to understand more about these darn things!). We’re all fine and are here to tell the story. My roommate is such a CA girl, when we woke up to the whole hotel shaking, it takes a moment to realize what all is going on, and we said, oh it’s an earthquake. The next thing I know, she’s back asleep! Such a CA girl!!

I posted some pictures of an adventure we went on yesterday on a gondola ride. The countryside is gorgeous, as you can see in the pictures. It was nice to break free from the hotel for a bit and to get out and about.

And now, the moment, the very day that I’ve been waiting for for so so so so long… opening ceremonies are tomorrow! This marks the official start of the event! I am really truly ready for this to get going, it’s been a long time coming! I'm literally laying in bed in my hotel room and just thinking about all that it has taken for our entire team to get here. It's been a journey, for sure. Flexibility has been the hallmark of the week, as we don’t actually have any schedules in concrete and have to be flexible with transportation schedules and the logistics of the buses and the meals and everything. But, to me, thats all the stuff that you shouldn't let get to you, at least try not to. I did have an epic laundry adventure earlier in the week that caused me to go for a walk in the rain to vent my frustration and have some chocolate in place of the glass of wine I wanted, but in the grand scheme of things, we've now finally made it! I invite you all to tune in to for live internet coverage of the Games and check here for results:

Here we go!!!! Let’s go USA!


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